Spring 2015

Two new pieces have been created to celebrate summer 2015!  




ANADROMOUS:  Bringing awareness to the fish who's life cycle involves migration from the oceans to rivers and the dams that halt the fish from  reaching their natural spawning grounds.  The stones represent a dammed river flowing through a stretch of earth.  Showing at Shelburne Pond Studios. 

UMI SEN,  YAMA SEN  (Thousand Ocean, Thousand Mountain):  Created for the Art+Soul theme of community health, it represents our connectedness and dependence with our local environment of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains.  A healthy habitat wields a healthy community.  The piece will be on display at Art+Soul then moved to the South End for Arthop.

Sunshine Mosaics Helps Destroy Apathy

Journey's End was hoisted to a new home - Art's Riot, in Burlington, VT's south end.  The Art's Riot mission is to destroy apathy through community engagement - food, music, & the arts.  They are dedicated to shining bright, a good fit for Sunshine Mosaics.  

It was challenging install, including a unplanned monkey swing on the emergency sprinkler system attached to the ceiling!  A supportive frame, chains, & a winch landed Journey's End into it's destination.  

Sun Shines on Sunshine Mosaics

Sunshine Mosaics is here!  Big ups for the positive feedback so far on the website and mosaics.  Having just completed Journey's End for the Art+Soul event, http://www.artandsoulvt.org, and taking 2nd place in the Junes Creative Competition, https://www.facebook.com/spacegalleryvt, my next goal are two new pieces for this years South End Arthop.